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Artificial light from your digital screens is harmful for your eyes.

No worries, our glasses help.

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We made no compromises to give you the best possible experience. Reluxer computer glasses are made from premium materials. Our frames are hand polished, hand cut and hand made with the greatest care for quality. Our powerful blue light filter blocks harmful blue light without the loss of natural colors. Experience it for yourself. 


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Wang // Sticky Toffee

Wang // Sticky Toffee

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Ralph // Smokey Wood

Ralph // Smokey Wood

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Computerbril / Beeldschermbril - Reluxer - Elon // Ice front

Elon // Ice

Sale price €59,00 Regular price €75,00

What is blue light?

Blue light is emitted by all digital screens and too much of this light is harmful to your eyes. Prolongued screen time puts a lot of strain on your eyes and can lead to blurry eyesight, tired eyes and headaches.

More and more research has shown a relationship between blue light intake and accelerated aging of the eyes. Yet... Not áll blue light is bad.…


"They're Like Sunglasses, But Against Harmful Screen Light."

Blocks blue light from your screens.

Healthy eyes, happy life.

Long Live Your Eyes

We believe eyesight is one of the most valuable gifts in life. Your eyes are irreplaceable. However, our eyes are bad at blocking blue light and it easily reaches your retina. With our blue-cut lens technology, which blocks harmful rays of artificial light, you're well protected. Long live your eyes.


Work Easier

More endurance, more productivity and better posture. Reluxer will enable you to be the best version of yourself at the office. Thanks to improve contrast, viewing a screen will be more pleasant and reading text will be easier.

Stay energized. Relux at work!


Watch Longer

More TV, more shows, more movies. Reluxer helps you binge your favorite shows. Netflix and Reluxer go hand in hand. Experience true comfort while watching TV and fall asleep more easily after the last episode.

Keep watching. Relux at home!


Play More

More kills, more exp, more levels, but LESS stress on the eyes. Lasersharp focus without straining your eyes. Our glasses are suited for owning your opponents on Fortnite, FIFA, League of Legends and basically any game you play on a digital screen.

Own opponents. Relux while playing!


Sleep Better

Your brain has trouble recognizing screenlight from daylight. Prolongued exposure to screenlight during the day will not only make it harder to fall asleep, it also reduces the quality of your sleep. Block that blue light!

Sleep better. Relux at night!